Aaron F. Anderson

I’m a 26 year old photographer, photo darkroom professional, administrative assistant, and general DIY hobbyist!

I am currently employed at the Harvey Milk Photo Center where I help operate the largest publicly run black and white photo darkroom in the United States.

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Work Experience

Photo Darkroom Manager/Facility Assistant

Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
August 2021 – Present

In August 2021, I was transferred to Harvey Milk Photo Center to work in a full time position to reopen and help run the photo darkroom at the center after an 18 month COVID-related closure.

In my time at the Photo Center, I’ve learned a great deal about operating a black and white photo darkroom and have taken on many responsibilities to assist the San Francisco Bay Area public in creating their photos and prints in a safe, professional, fun, and efficient way.

My duties at the Photo Center include:

  • Managing darkroom operations, including chemical mixing, maintenance, inventory, and cleanup.
  • Orientating new users of the space to the rules and regulations involved with the facility
  • Assisting the Facility Manager with day-to-day tasks
  • Writing instructional guides and documents for coworkers and members of the public
  • Monitoring the front desk to provide information and services to visitors, staff, and callers
  • Creating and distributing signage for notices, events, and classes
  • Writing programs in Python to automate repetitive tasks and improve workflow
  • Designing and 3D printing parts needed at the center and in the darkroom

Child Care/Disaster Service Worker

Mission Arts Center, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
September 2020 – June 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, my work for SF Recreation and Park shifted to focus on child care as I was activated as a Disaster Service Worker for the City of San Francisco. I was assigned to work at the Mission Arts Center, where a de-facto child care center was established for families in need of childcare throughout the school year when schools were closed for the 2020-2021 school year. After the school year ended, I returned to the Randall Museum.

  • Provided childcare services for children from kindergarten to 8th grade.
  • Managed the schedules of up to 12 students.
  • Taught students about safety practices during the pandemic.
  • Created and conducted fun art projects.
  • Assisted students with their distance learning

Museum Associate/Facility Assistant

Randall Museum, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
August 2018 – August 2021

In August 2018, I started work at the Randall Museum, which is an art and ecology museum run as a collaboration between the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) and the non-profit organization Randall Museum Friends.

  • Assisted staff with various tasks involved in museum operations
  • Managed attendance data of the museum and its various classes
  • Performed general event staff duties, including setup and cleanup.
  • Wrote computer programs to reduce repetitive tasks
  • Performed miscellaneous maintenance tasks

Art Teacher/Darkroom Attendant

Harvey Milk Center for the Arts/Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department,
April 2017 – December 2018

  • Created and taught summer and after-school photography classes for children ages 6 to 17.
  • Black and white darkroom setup, breakdown, and clean up.
  • Set up and cleaned digital lab equipment
  • Maintained film scanners and inkjet printers

AmeriCorps Member for SFUSD

Sheridan Elementary, San Francisco, CA
The Corporation for National and Community Service/San Francisco Unified School District
November 2015 – July 2016

  • Facilitated Mentoring For Success (MFS) program
  • Recruited volunteers to serve as mentors
  • Provided in-class support to students including behavioral support
  • Created a newspaper club for upper grade students


  • Photography Teacher’s Assistant, Youth Art Exchange (August 2015 – June 2016)
  • Darkroom Intern, Rayko Photo Center (June 2015 – September 2015)



As a photographer with over 12 years of experience, I specialize in analog photography, including the use of darkroom techniques and processes to produce fine art and expressive images.

Problem Solver

I have a natural inclination to find order in complex situations, and I am adept at identifying issues and developing solutions. I am detail-oriented and persistent in my approach to problem-solving, making me confident in my ability to apply these skills to any situation.

Quick Learner

I am a curious and attentive person who always seeks out new challenges and opportunities to expand my skillsets. I am always eager to take on new challenges as I believe they’re a great way to grow and learn, and I am constantly seeking ways to step out of my comfort zone and develop as a person.

Excellent at writing documentation

I am an excellent writer and have a strong ability to create clear and concise documentation and guides for both coworkers and members of the public. I’ve written instructional guides for many audiences, from museum visitors to colleagues. I take pride in my ability to communicate complex concepts in a way that is easy for others to understand, and I am always looking for ways to improve my writing skills.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

As a seasoned photographer, I have extensive experience using the Adobe suite of photo apps, particularly Photoshop and Lightroom. Using these tools, I can enhance and edit images to create stunning visuals that capture the essence of a moment or mood.

Microsoft Office Suite

I have extensive experience using Microsoft Excel, primarily for visual and small calculations purposes, as well as for management. I have used Excel to calculate supplies and keep track of information about the places I work, as well as creating dynamic documents to help with information overload and decision making.

I am also a long term user of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.


Notion is a tool that I use extensively to organize my work and personal life. I have experience using Notion to track tasks, projects, and notes, and I am comfortable with its various features, including databases, templates, and integrations. Notion has been a valuable asset in both my personal and professional life.

Multi-platform proficiency

One of my core strengths is my proficiency in using various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. Through my experience, I have developed a deep understanding of their functionalities, enabling me to work efficiently and effectively across multiple devices. Whether I am using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, I am confident in my ability to navigate the operating system and perform various tasks with ease. This proficiency has been a valuable asset in both my personal and professional life, allowing me to adapt to different environments and technologies quickly.


I use Python to write programs that make my work and my coworkers’ work easier and more efficient. You can examples of this on my GitHub.